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Steps to List an Auction

There are many benefits to having an auction and we would be happy to talk with you!


Listing an auction is an easy process that allows you to sell all your property in a timely manner.  It is a low hassle way for you to disperse your property and receive competitive market value for your items.  Here are the steps that you can expect:

Marshall Anderson Auction will meet with you to:
  evaluate property and merchandise
  discuss payment percentage
  set a date and time for your auction
  discuss advertising cost and means
  go over auction process
  market analysis and value estimation

-Before the Sale:
Marshall Anderson Auction will:
  distribute and arrange advertising 
  complete any prior setup, paperwork, etc. that needs to be done

-Day of Sale:
Marshall Anderson Auction will:
  provides labor and staff to move items, etc.
  setup tents, chairs, etc. as needed
  organize items according to price and category
  sell all items agreed upon
  settle funds

-After Sale:
Marshall Anderson Auction will:
  settle funds and any paperwork with customer in a timely and professional manner
  account for all items with receipts and detailed closing statements

Contact us today about conducting an auction for you!