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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the advantage to having a auction as opposed to a tag or yard sale?
A. An auction is usually best because in one day all your property is sold and you are not left with the disposal of unwanted items.  Everything sells!  Also, because of advertising you are more likely to draw a bigger crowd and receive competitive market prices.

Q. What is pick and choice?
A. Pick and choice is a term that is used when we sell multiple of the same items.  The bidder that "wins" the bid gets their pick of which and how many items they want to take.  Then, the process is started over until all the items are gone or combined into one lot.

Q. What is so much times your money?
A. This is a term used when selling multiple items as well.  For example, if we are selling 5 chairs and the auctioneer announces so much times your money and you bid $2, then you would pay $2 for 5  chairs, for a total of $10.

Q. How do I bid?
A. First, you must register with the cashier for a bidder number.  Registration is free and consists of filling out some basic information about yourself on a short form.  Once you have a number, you can hold up your card when you want to bid on an item and have fun!

Q. Are there any guarantees on the items I buy?
A. No, there are no warranties.  What you see is what you get so it is your responsibility to look and inspect items before you buy.  The auction company does its best to point out any flaws in items, but we can not guarantee any property.

Q. What is subject to regrouping?
 A process used at auctions where a bidder has the opportunity to combine several pieces of related property previously selected by other bidders, thereby creating one larger group of property. 

Q. When are auctions held?
A. Most all of our auctions are held on Saturdays and start at 10am.  We occasionally have an auction on Thursday or Friday, and they usually start in the afternoon.  The website or sale bills will always specify when, where, and what time.